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Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor’s Movie is the most awaited release of the year. In 2018, it will be her first ever release and Kareena Kapoor is giving the movie after a long time. Here is the movie under big production banner. Movie is giving entirely different taste to the audience.

It has been noted that the movie is not about the general movie stories. This movie has got something new and different in it. Movie stars Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Shikha Talsania and Swara Bhaskar in it.

Movie has got its trailer released today and as far as the trailer is concerned it is a magical trailer as it has amazed the whole world the way all of them have performed. There is a lot to talk about the trailer of the film. As Bollywoodlife is concerned with the latest news updates. Therefore, we will discuss the most amazing facts about the trailer.

There is nothing much important than the dialogues of a movie. Yes! Act also matters for the audience, directors, producers and the Jury of the Awards. But ultimately Dialogues can enhance the charm and charisma of any film. Therefore, Eonline Gossips is here with the list of best dialogues which have been spoke in the movie.

5 Best Dialogues from Veere Di Wedding trailer:

Veere di Wedding Full Movie will be released soon after the end of the month of May. On 1st June this movie will be generally released. As far as the acting of the movie stars are concerned it can be concluded that all of the ladies will perform outstanding.

The roles which have been assigned to them by the director are the best and suitable to them.Moreover, it was asked by Kareena Kapoor Khan that Rhea Kapoor(Director of the Movie) should replace her as she was pregnant with Taimur Ali Khan. Rhea did not wanted to loose Kareena as the lead star.

So she proposed to play the role of being pregnant. Even she tried to make amendments in the main plot of the film due to her. Ultimately, it was for the first time when she was pregnant and novice in this process. She denied the idea and said that she cannot continue to work in the movie production.

Rhea Kapoor was stick to her decision. She did not replaced her and kept on waiting until Kareena gave birth to Bollywood’s Cutest Child Star (Taimur Ali Khan). Trailer of any movie is the one which tells the industry makers and the stars about their performance. It also tells about the expected response from the fans.

Most of the trailers which have been released in this year or previously by Bollywoodlife were not like it at all. There was not the clear message delivered to the audience. Now, Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor fans are hyper active since the release of the trailer.

It also has been seen for the first time that two big female stars are casted in the same movie. Where main lead star is not the concern of the both. Somehow the Story of the Movie Veere Di Wedding makes us understand that Kareena Kapoor is one whose wedding is concerned. So it is not wrong to say that she is the lead star of the film.

Talking about Veere di Wedding Trailer, it has funny moments and dramatic portion. It is not like the other trailers where from start the movies gives different message and at the end it feels like there will be something strange in the film. Yes! It is the basic purpose of the trailer to increase the curiosity of the viewers. It can attract a lot of the viewers to the cinemas when the movie will be released.

Now it is the time to discuss what those dialogues which will make you laugh?
1): One Spoke by Shikha Talsania at the first scene of the club:
”Achaw! Tou Ub Teri Leney Key Lieye Degree B Chahiye?”
Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

This was something which made all of the viewers laugh at once. It was not expected that the confidence will be taken to that height. Sonam Kapoor was the aim of Shikha when she spoke this dialogue on veere di weeding.

She is the only one who is aged in that group. Might the ladies can call her the most experienced one because she was the one who was going to get divorce from her husband soon.

2): Spoke by Sonam Kapoor in the same club on the same occasion:
She Said:
”Jetna Bhe Parh Loo! Graduation, Post-Post Graduation, Pur Jub Tak Bhenchod Mangalsutra Gallay Main Na Pehno Na Tab Tak Life Complete Nahi Hoti”
Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

This dialogues of her was the voice of number of Indian young girls. Who never want to get married, they have their own goals and aims to achieve. They never want to be the property or the authority of any other person in their life. It does not mean such girls do not like love, they do not want to have sex with anyone.

They are the one who wants all of these things the most but their goals, so called aims and many things cannot let them get out of the boundaries they have set. So, this dialogues was for them and other side of the boys were laughing that how cheap dialogues have got into the movies.

It is also a habit of boys, specially Desi Boyz to hear some bad things from the girls. Survey has told that boys found it intimating for them. When the sexy girls are abusing or using their commonly used words in the friends.

3): Spoke by Swara Bhaskar the girl with different ambitions:
She Said:
”Pher Tery Liye Rajmaa Chaawal Kon Bnaye Gaa Rozz-Rozz you ANARAI”
Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

This dialogue spiced up the trailer and the role of all the ladies was defined. None of them was clear about their roles. Initially, it was considered that it will be only Kareena and Sonam who will be in lead roles and other two will be only supporting them.

Yes! They are supporting but all of them have given different tasks to do. It is not like all of them are achieving single goal in their life and they have to do different tasks to achieve that goal. In short, all of them are leading their lives but being best buddies they are much into each other’s life.

4): Spoke by Sonam Kapoor when she was at the Roka ceremony of Kareena Kapoor:
She Said to Her Boyfriend:
”Jaa Apne Mummy Key Saath, Actually na Mummy Sey Hee Shaadi Kar le, You Bloody Mother Lover”
Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

This was something audience did not liked but some of them have dirty minds. Therefore, it was funny and full of taste for them. Sonam had performed mad roles in many movies. The girl who is living her own life, having no concern with others. This time she has her friends and she is not listening anything about them and doing many other things.

She is the girl who will be dancing, dating, drinking and doing all those things which does not suits to an educated girl. Ultimately, fact cannot denied that she is enough educated in the movie. Trailer tells us that she is getting education to get rid of the married life. She is getting towards boys to have the charm of boyfriend relationship. She is breaking up with boys again and again due to her not understanding nature.

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Another dialogue which cannot listed into the best dialogues but was good and handled well by Sonam. She was saying to her mother at the end of the trailer when her mother was accusing her friends for her disturbed life. Her mother said, “Ek Dost ne Teri Bhaag K Shaadi Kar Li, Ek Ka Divorce Ho Rha Hai, Ek Ko Shadi Main Confusion Hai” She Reacted: “Ap Meri Friends K Bary Main Bkwas na Karo”.

This dialogue is good from the friends point of view. When is comes in term of respect and parents respect then people did not liked this act and dialogue spoke by her. Even her image as elegant and educated lady was only a disguised role.

5): Dialogue Spoke by Shikha Talsania- The Chubby Girl:
She Said sitting in the car:
”Guess What an Orgasm is called in Hindi, Ladies – Charam Sukh”
Five Best Dialogues the Veere Di Wedding Bollywood Movie Trailer

Lolx! Personally it made me laugh a lot. I mean how one can be so shameless to talk such things over the silver screen. From where these stars get that much courage to talk such dauntlessly?

It was an amazing dialogue and spoke right at the time when she was having desire of orgasm.

Conclusion: Dialogues of Veere Di Wedding Movie Trailer

This is something really amazing. It has been already explained that the dialogues are the most effective in trailers. Veere di Wedding from the trailers can be judged that will be a complete entertainment package for the all types of people. Might few families won’t like to watch the movie together.

Girls interest in the movie has been increased. In addition to this, Fanes of Kareena Kapoor are anxiously waiting for the movie to get released. They are dying to watch her over the silver screen after her pregnancy.

Her fitness and performance will be question marked in this movie. So, she will perform all good. Movie trailer telling that this is something what we can expect her in the movie. She is an amazing actress already with a lot of success. She will amaze the world in the role of Veere.

Movie is all about her wedding and all other girls will be showing their life. Their friendship and level of friendship there should be and can be between the girls have shown. It does not matter from which age group do you belong what you need is to believe in your friends.

To sum up the substance, it won’t be wrong to say that Movie will be a blockbuster. Waiting for 1st June to come.

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