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Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer

Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer

Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer

World has been asking Kareena Kapoor about her Career in the Bollywoodlife film industry. She did not answered the journalists of Hollywoodgossip.com. There are Exclusive News from the Bollywood that Kareena will be doing movies of Saif’s choice.

But after the verification it was cleared that Bebo’s better half does not have any concern with her professional life. Even though he wants to promote her work. Moreover, their lovely son who as astonished the whole world with his cuteness is already enough famous.

He do not need the precious time of their parents at home because he is always with one of them at their work.

Kareena Kapoor’s most waited movie, Veere Di Wedding will be broadcasted soon. It was most awaited because she has not performed enough in the previous movie after her marriage.

What is classy in Kareena- Sonam’s Veere Di Wedding Trailer?

Moments From Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer:

Most of the online Celebrity Gossips Websites are talking that movie is giving message to the girls. Movie’s story has been designed according to the ladies choice. Moreover, this movie’s trailer is giving message that girls can be like the Boys are.

Their friendship can be never lasting, they have charm in their relations. The charm we are talking about contains no jealousy factors for each other, let things go for the friend. These are called Veers in the friendship terms.

Veere Di Wedding cast Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and this movie is all about the friendship of four girls. Let’s talk about the trailer later in the next paragraph. Right now! It is important to explain whether it is really a complete girl gangs ode or just a hype has been created by the industry and marketers.

Kareena Kapoor alone has always given new heights to the thinking of young lovers. For instance, in her movie with Shahid Kapoor Jab We Met, she wore ostentatious dress without bothering that she is travelling in a local train.

She met the stranger and started talking dauntlessly, these were things which encouraged girls that it is possible for them to go for it.

Likewise, Sonam Kapoor also has given variant trends to the industry. This time both of them are participating as the fellows. They are not only fellows but are the important part of each other’s life.

Trailer of Veere Di Wedding Moments for Girls:

Moments From Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer:

As it was expected there are few Female stars in the Bollywoodlife who hs not quite their acting career after their marriage. It was already known that Kareena Kapoor is one of them. It was considered that she would like to act different in the roles of the films.

It did not happen because it can be seen in her first movie trailer after the marriage, which is Veere Di Wedding. She has performed as a Silly girl like in her previous movies. She is behaving like she do not want to get married. She is a girl with having extremely loving and funny friends and she never wants to compromise on her privacy.

It seems like Kareena Kapoor has to act like a boy in this film, as the movie is about her wedding and all friends of her are saying Veere Di Wedding.

Movies which have released previously have not found anything different. It does not mean that other movies are useless but stories and plots were not much different. Therefore, this movie can also be perceived as having something new.

As this film’s trailer showing that it can make viewers laugh,c ry and feel what truly friendship is and what can be there for the true friends.

Moments for the girls from Trailer Veere Di Wedding:

Moments From Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer:
Club Scenes:

This is really weird to mention that dancing in club can make us note that all girls are enjoying their life. It is not shown that being friends all of them are doing what one is proposing them to do. As it has been noticed commonly in the friends to do what the one has said.

However, all of them are doing what suits to their personality. They are having fun in their own circle and there is no one to stop them. Even all of them are supporting each other to dance and have drinks.

There is nothing much disrespected for the girls. But they are sharing things of their life and do not want to accept the change time is bringing into their lives.At the end they all are together after enjoying of their own wishes in the club and together as one again.

This is a message for the friends that whatever makes you feel happy go for it but ultimately stay together to be the part of Unity.

Proposal Moment for Kareena:

These include the scenes from the movie where Kareena Kapoor will be proposed by the Summet Vyas. Both of them were spending night together and it was not expected by Kareena that Sumeet will take this step.

No doubt , Sumeet was making the moment special and it was all romance around them.

Being a confused girl she suddenly went out of the scene and went to bathroom hiding herself. This was giving the message that she was not ready for this moment. As it happens in the real life when girls are being proposed by the boys to get them marry. Most of the girls try to skip that moment in their life.

It became funny when she was hiding in the bathroom and talking to Sumeet who was standing outside of the bathroom and who was still on his knees. This moment was amazing. Kareena was asking Sumeet why he did so and he was reacting like Hain?

This scene was different form all other movies. As this type of proposal was seen in the movies but this kind of reaction was not seen before and this was the funniest moment till the trailer of veere di wedding has passed.

Wedding Announcement:

This is the moment which is not easy for every person in the world. It becomes more difficult when someone has to announce it in front of the best buddies. As all of them were not able to be together, so they decided to have chit-chat over SKYPE. She was confused but all of them were discussing what happened.

Have you done anything with him?

Why he proposed you?

Is it really what you are going to do?

As it has shown that friendship, best friends do not set boundaries for each other. They were friends from different age groups, with different choices and priorities. Two of them were already married. So they asked her these questions.

Somehow the video chat was concluded because all of them were agreed that she should get married now. Sonam Kapoor along with others cheers up by saying that Veere Di Wedding. This is from where it was shown that Kareena is playing the role of Veera for three of them.

All of them were happy and expecting Kareena to be happy, She wanted to be happy but was confused about her choice.

Wedding Preparation of Veere Di Wedding:

Proposal was so funny and she got ready by discussing it with her best friends. Rishab’s family was ready to get them married soon. On the other hand, she was confused but her family was ready to accept Rishab as her husband.

Preparations got started and there she was proposed by her mother in law to try a dress. Dress was full of glitters and she was shinning like a princess in the cartoons. It cannot be said that she was looking like a cartoon. As she is an elegant and smart lady, she was looking beautiful in that dress.

Moreover, her mother in law wanted her to look like a princess. She was trying her dress but at the same time she got a thought that she will be called Mrs Malhotra after her wedding. Again the scene of 3 idiots when she asked Aamir Khan in the last scene that tell me exactly what will e my surname after marriage.

With the passage of time, their Sangeet night came into the scene of trailers. She was sitting along with her fiancé on an artificially built moon. Again she was mesmerizing that these are the people for whom we are getting married. On the same time their moon got unbalanced and Sumeet fell down of it. This was the funniest scene of the Trailer of Veere di Wedding.

Level of Friendship:

It is the fact that girls friendship is not that much pure and long lasting as boys have. Whenever girls have got married they cannot stay in touch with their school fellows and college fellows. But for the boys they have rich friends list with the continuous contact with everyone of them.

There are rare chances of best friendship between the girls for the longer time. This movie is giving that idea that girls also can be friends like are boys are used to be.

Moreover, movie has been drawn an attention point for the audience which Wedding of Kareena Kapoor but all of them are together does not matter the situations they have. They are together in different themes of their lives.

Why Veere Di Wedding is A Girly Production?

Moments From Veere Di Wedding Sonam – Kareena’s Upcoming Movie Trailer:

Shashanka Gosh the director of the movie. She has always given something different to the Bollywood film industry. She thought that if there is no one who can befitted into the scene than it is only Kareena who cannot deny the role.

Most annoying thing can be for any of the film star. Specially for female star when they are abusing during the scenes of the movie. She and Sonam Kapoor has used such language which cannot be accepted for many viewers, but to prove the level of friendship they had done so.

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For the best buddies they do not care where they are and what they are up to , they only do what their heart says and what their friends acquire. Friendship is the other name of entertaining the people you like. Therefore, these four have been entertaining each other being friend.

They were supporting each other as the parents. Best friends cannot be listening anything bad about their friends from anyone. The best explanation of this was in the last scene of the Trailer of Veere Di Wedding where Sonam said her mom that “Ap mere Friends k bary main bkwas mat karo”.

It is not like she has disrespected her mother for her friends. But it gives a message that you cannot let anyone say anything about your friends. Best friends always play role of husband, wife, father mother, Sister and brother. Like they are everything for each other.

So this movie is expected to be a blockbuster. Kareena will be seen on the silver screen after a long time. EOnline Gossips wish her best of luck. We Hope that this movie of her and re-entry into the film industry will bless her with great success. She is already successful in her career and personal life.


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